Skiplayer for iOS – Category Based Music Discovery

skiplayer 1Skiplayer is the latest music player developed by InVooDoo LLC, which automatically plays songs from your iPhone or iPod. There have been times when you are listening to that amazing playlist of yours and suddenly an annoying song pops up which you didn’t remove or delete  when you had the the time. Or it just simply skipped your mind. This is where Skiplayer comes in handy. No more annoying songs. No more shuffling songs according to your mood. No more using those tedious buttons on the screen where it’s impossible to locate them.

Skiplayer have come with this amazing unique idea that helps you discover your own taste in music by your listening habits and that too in 31 different ways. It is also very useful while you are working, driving, cooking or doing any other work of that sort. Finally a music player that understands you eh!

The app is compatible with iPhone and iPod and requires iOS 10.2 or later to run.

skiplayer 2skiplayer 3Content and Features:

Lo and behold! It was just like yesterday when you were trying to play some music and kept on changing the songs because you couldn’t find a good one which matched your mood at that instance. Skiplayer helped you out that quicksand and then you never went to that old music player ever again. A music player according to your moods and habit is like a boon to your soul.

While driving it connects with your car’s steering wheel and allows it to act as the control for your music. Long gone are the days of annoying songs and playlists which you needed to update.

The app allows you to try 7 different ways in which your moods work which gradually turns up to 31. Once a song is put in the don’t play list it won’t be played ever again. You can just swipe to play songs and repeat them. A single tap to stop a song and a single tap to play it again. It works according to your choices and won’t disappoint you in the songs which it throws your way.

skiplayer 4Display and Functionality:

The unique design of the Skiplayer app allows you to get rid of those ditzy small buttons which a normal default music player consists off. The whole screen turns into a music player and allows you to navigate very easily even when you aren’t looking at the phone screen. It’s just a matter of swipes which leads you to a new song or a previous song. A swipe up allows you to see the playlist, which won’t be necessary as the app itself is thoroughly capable of doing so, itself.

The app is designed well, keeping in mind the user’s needs. The feature of the app where you can connect it to your steering wheel, is very convenient for daily commute. It functions very smoothly and have no issues with the navigation.

The Verdict:

A huge shout out to the creators for creating such a thoughtful and advanced app. To just know what kind of songs a person wants to hear at the moment is great. Also an amazing work with the screen navigation. A whole screen as the navigator is way beyond helpful. An app like this definitely makes the cut as a permanent addition to any phone.

The app is available to download on iTunes App Store for absolutely no cost at all.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5 /5

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