Frog Eater IO Game – For Android, An Amazing Game

frogar is a new game developed by Jodaku. Are you looking out for a game which provides you with an endless amount of fun and a great feast for your eyes? Wonder where you can find that kind of solace? Well is just the game for you. You might find the game just too perfect for your liking. And if you are a frog lover, this is your luckiest day.

The game is packed with amazing graphics, well thought out game play and a great community which consists of worldwide players. You would play this game along with the people all around the world.  It is a platform to relieve your boredom along with numerous other players. The game is very strategic and fun at the same time.

The app is currently available for devices running on Android version 4.1 and up and coming soon for devices running on iOS.

frogar 3Content And Features: is a game which is very easy to download. The game is not at all big in size and it doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your phone. As soon as you install the game, a tutorial will be displayed and in no time you will be playing the game with other contenders.

The game starts with a new player displayed as a frog, which will be feeding further on flies and other smaller frogs. In order to eat other smaller frogs you need to eat flies and grow bigger. But beware of other players, which have been playing the game prior to you. They are large in size and can eat you down in an instance. I would suggest a safe distance would be better on the player’s part. There is also a rank board on the top right corner of the game which lets you see your progress.

The easiest part of the game you ask? You get to play the whole thing just by tapping. A single tap is all it takes for playing this engaging game. Are we already amazed?


frogar 5frogar 4Display And Functionality:

The game is packed with visually appealing graphics and a whole lot extensive gaming experience. You won’t find the game being boring at any point of time. The easy configuration of the game is a given surprise. The game doesn’t lag and runs like a charm. The sound used in the game is coordinated to a give an exemplary experience to the player.

Once you die in the game, you can always come back and start anew. The game works without any issue and is a treat for gamers out there.

frogar 2Verdict: is a wonderfully thought out game which is strategic as well as appealing to the eyes. I am still wondering how simple yet addictive the game is. The tap and play system of the game is a just and amazing way to attract players. Just like how a frog traps flies, traps players with its unique design and numerous players. Try it out and never get a whiff of boredom after installing it.

The app is available to download on Google Play Store.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5

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