Apple Watch 3 Maybe On The Way

watchos-3-mainOnly when we thought, that the buzz surrounding Apple’s new release couldn’t get merrier, there came another flying report. The report surrounds Apple Watch Version 3.

The report came from the Chinese Economic Daily site, which referred to Quanta Computer.  Quanta Computer was the primary manufacturer of the last two released Apple Watches. On top of that Quanta Computers is expected to see a huge boost in its revenue by the release of the new Apple Watch 3, this September.

Apple-smartwatches 1

Most of the people were expecting, the Apple Watch 3 to be released by the end of this year, but to our amazement, the Apple Watch may release alongside Apple iPhone 8. It means a win win situation for Apple and a huge surprise to the consumers.

There are also reports of Apple Watch 3 having it’s own phone feature. Whenever you forget or leave your phone behind, Apple Watch 3 will be totally capable to make a phone call from, best for emergency situations.  There are also speculations that the Apple Watch 3 may have its own battery and storage space. Reports, news and rumors are making our hearts beat at a faster pace.

However, we may not be left with just wonders. The Apple Watch 3 may release soon and September ain’t far away.

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