Apple Inc. Is Currently Venturing In Electric Car Batteries

Apple electric car battery1Voila! Apple is now secretly working on electric car batteries. According to reports by Yicai Global, Apple Inc. is currently into a secret arrangement with Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL), a China based battery manufacturer. Apple, though entered into the automotive industry way back, but it was focused on making self-driving software for automobiles. Recently though, we don’t know what got into their minds. Electric batteries for electric automotives.

Apple electric car batteryIt is very surprising to notice that Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL) is actually an independent battery manufacturer which separated from Amperex Tech in 2011. Amperex Tech is Apple’s largest battery supplier. So there is no doubt,  something hot and brewing is on the way.

Apple and CATL have reportedly signed a confidentiality agreement. Also Apple have not yet spoken anything of any sort, based on the matter. Even CATL denied giving out information on the same and kept mum.

With only speculations and secrecy, we can only look out and wait for an amazing output.

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