Apple In A Soup Over Inaccurate T-Rex Emoji


Apple can’t seem to please just everyone. In a recent news, Apple was fired by a scientist for using an inaccurate ‘T-Rex Emoji’. I couldn’t believe my ears, when I heard the same. Apple just introduced many new emojis and the new T-Rex emoji was one of them. Though most of the crowd was very excited to see the new introduction of a cute T-Rex emoji, it was not greatly digested by the Thomas Carr.

Thomas Carr is a vertebrate paleontologist and associate professor of biology, at Carthage College; located in Wisconsin. Carr informed Live Science, that there are at least 6 anatomical inaccuracies in the given T-Rex emoji. The dinosaur have agreeably a difficult anatomy, but it isn’t hard to actually pay a bit extra attention at correctly detailing out one.


emoji 4

The most well pointed out difference was that, the bottom teeth of a T-Rex are never visible; whereas in the emoji it is clearly poking out. Carr says that at least he would like to see ‘basic anatomical accuracy, especially skull shape, which lends the animal much of their identity and personality’. He also exclaimed that he would not use the new T-Rex emoji. There are many more inaccuracies which Carr pointed out, including the overall head shape, the snout and the position of the ear.

We would love to see Apple stay out of situations like these and may their other recently released emojis, don’t offend anyone else.

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