Apple iPhone 8 Could Be Priced At A Whopping $1,000

Image Courtesy: iDrop News

With all the latest leaks and speculations about how the Apple iPhone 8 will look, our excitement levels soared to the zenith. But we were very disappointed as we heard, that the Apple iPhone 8 is rumored to be priced at an astonishing price of $1,000 or maybe more than that. Sorry to burst your bubble of happiness, but the news of the same have been doing rounds on the internet and it has come as a huge heartbreak to all of us. What we didn’t realise that, with all the new upgrades Apple is making to the new iPhone, there will be a huge pricing for the same. Everything comes at cost.

That’s not all. Another disappointing news knocked at our doors, that the September release of the iPhone 8 will have a limited quantity of the stock. Later on, from October to late November, supply will increase. It’s very surprising to notice that, the cost of production was higher than what was anticipated. Leading to a dramatic 30% increase in the pricing of our much awaited iPhone 8.

Image Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

Image Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

Further on, Apple Founder Steve Wozniak, in a recent Technology Conference in China, shared his views on why iPhone 8 is better than most phones out there. He also went on explaining, why one shouldn’t hesitate buying an Apple iPhone 8 for $1,000. Seems like a lot of disappointed Apple enthusiasts will have to go home empty handed during the launch. Moreover, some may not even have the luxury of buying it.

Surrounded by speculations and covered in deep rumors, we can only keep our fingers crossed and wait for September.          

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