Apple Granted A New Patent For A Smart Dock

Image Courtesy USPTO

Image Courtesy USPTO

Apple filed for a patent way back in 2012 and amazingly it was granted with the same, this week. Looking at how long ago Apple filed for the patent, we can only imagine what plans Apple might have; since it have come a long way with amazing technologies.

The patent officially consisted of a ‘Smart Dock’, yes you heard it. A Smart Dock which would activate the voice recognition mode of a given portable electronic device. And how we can imagine that the patent might well, be for an iPhone. Where one can command the various functions of the phone just by speech, once it’s placed in the so called ‘Smart Dock’. The patent also mentioned wireless charging of a phone along with Siri and the said docks to be as simple as consisting just a microphone and a speaker, to as complex as consisting buttons and displays; imitating a mini computer.

But this is all just a thought. The patents gave us so much hope that there’s no turning back from the imagination. Apple already has a product in line, which is very much awaited by the public in general. But since the patent grant, we are now more than hopeful and waiting for what’s new.

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