Apple Creates A Buzz By Removing VPNs From The App Store

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Apple recently removed some VPN apps from its App Store in China. China has a high level of security and have censored many sites, contents and apps for years. China restricts internet access to foreign sites due to its high political affluence. Any politically sensitive content is very much, not allowed. Hence keeping that in mind, it has put in a set of filters for the sites, known as the ‘Great Firewall’.

However, the VPNs allowed the users, unrestricted internet access by hiding their IP addresses.  The ban on certain sites and content didn’t stop the users from accessing the same, as there is no direct ban on VPNs and most of the corporations use the VPNs legally under current laws.

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But the current circumstances have gone berserk. There have been talks of making the restrictions more stronger and hence leading to the downfall of many of the VPNs. As it was already established in January, by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, that the developers offering VPNs must own a government license for the same. And Apple in its defense said that, it needed to remove some of the VPNs because, those apps didn’t follow the regulations laid down by the Ministry.

Though we can’t actually figure out the exact reason behind Apple’s action, but it sure maybe something to look out for. Also Apple might not want to get in spitfire with China, as most of its hardware are produced there; as well as its products sell at a huge rate in China.

Whatever the reason is, the users in China are eventually in a soup. With stricter rules, there may be no more total accessibility to the users in China.  

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