Rise Of Online Betting Apps For iPhone


The digital technology these days is nothing short of extraordinary, in terms of both entertainment as well as infotainment. Smartphones today are not just used for communication anymore, but to play games on, surf the web, write, interact on social websites and now even for sports betting. Your smartphone can take you to whole new levels of ‘taking the world on your fingertips’.

This advancement of technology is a great development for the bookmakers as the trend of online sports betting is not just limited to the web, but has also expanded to mobiles. Online bookmakers have now started to create their own apps, featuring on their websites to promote mobile betting that will ultimately help increase their market share.

The world of gambling is growing vigorously especially when online and mobile betting is considered. Every bookmaker now wants to switch to an app since most of the online games these days have largely established themselves on the App store. A massive increase in the number of people betting through their iPhones has been recorded. This in-turn, has proved to be a great and a very beneficial migration for bookmakers since now they have an enlarged community of online bet-makers which has also helped escalate the growth of their brand value.

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Betfair and the very famous UK based bookie William Hill reported that more than one third of their wages have all come from apps on iPhones. They have recorded a rise in their mobile betting by 114% and also predicted an increase of 40% in the same by the end of the year.

Sites like BettingTop10, make it easier for you to choose the bookmaker of your choice in games and sports like Cricket, Horse Racing, Football, Golf and Tennis, based on ranking and performance success. This could be the right platform, accessible right from your desktop or even through your iPhone/iPad, to place the desired kind of bets after having a thorough read of reviews mentioning their pros, cons, strengths and weaknesses of the top 10 Bookies in the UK. Not only that, it provides you with right kind of know-how to make it big in the industry.

Since betting has been made legal now in most of the countries across the world, it is involved in nearly every sport. It all depends on your luck to win the bet or not, and some part of the courtesy even goes to the bookmaker you are making the bet to. The wiser decision you make, the more you win.

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