League Of Defenders, Epic MMO – For iOS And Android

LogoLeague Of Defenders, by AonPlay, is newly launched app that promises an all new redefined experience of a usual MMO game on the mobile and is gaining all the popularity because of its retro yet highly attractive graphics.

From exciting combat, to deep gearing and crafting, to guilds, dungeons with friends, pet leveling and more. The world awaits noble adventurers to the Realm!

The app is compatible on both, iOS and Android platforms.

Content and Features:

Unlike other usual and ordinary MMO games on our phones, League of Defenders stands out and promises to deliver a fantastic experience, be it with respect to the graphics, gameplay, features or anything that you can ever think of. Getting started with it is just the easiest. After the installation of the app from the store, you’ll need to sign in and create an account. Once done with that, you’ll be given an option to choose your realm(server) to play on. New Realms usually come with special benefit if they have just launched, old Realms have multiple high level players.

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Next comes the step to choose your role and the character name which will be your identification for the rest of the game for Combat, which is the main purpose of this game. Players grow in power, gain wealth and level up on winning combat battles. Each page of the Combat panel shows a different region of Aldryn, and adventurers will face bosses, defend towers, fight through dungeons and battle Elite creatures in their travels.

As you move on with the game, you’ll have to explore wide locations and dangerous dungeons looking for treasure and protect the world from evil forces. Heroes come with unique set of skills and abilities to choose from. Engage in dynamic battles with different monsters. Find powerful allies, unite with your friends to defeat powerful bosses and get valuable rewards. Fight other players on the arena. Improve your heroes.

Display and Functionality:

The in-game interactive tutorial guides you throughout and you won’t find yourself lost anywhere. The visual effects of the game are decent and pleasing to the eye, with the animation and the graphics being eye-poppy, hence highlighting the beautiful lush environment of the game. The game does not even lag during hours of gameplay and does not heat up the battery as well.

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The movement and the attack controls of the game and the user interface are smooth and hence simplifying the navigation throughout the gaming options that in turn gets you hooked to the game play at the very start of it.

The Verdict:

League of Defenders is a real-time action combat game that promises to deliver a fabulastic experience where with your character, you’ll have to  loot dungeons, PVP with allies, engage in epic multiplayer raids, gain phat loot and much more! From crafting armor and gem-slotting gear, to questing, guilds, levelling your pets and growing your mounts, the world of Aldryn awaits!

The game is available to download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for absolutely no charge.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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