Instagram Gets An Offline Mode Upgrade For Android

Instagram now has an offline mode for its Android that will let its users browse their feeds and their explore tabs even if they have no connection to mobile data or Wi-Fi. Any data that was previously loaded when the app was last connected to the web will be shown and comments and hearts will go live only when you connect the next time. 

Users will be able to access the content that was previously available only online, as well as like the pictures, comment on them, save posts etc. All the changes will be made when you reconnect to the web. The explore tab will also work and would feature posts that you’ve already visited and downloaded before.

The offline functionality launched for Android will mainly help Instagram in its expansion in developing countries since Android devices are commonly used and it could make an even bigger hit in locations where the network is unreliable and or where getting postpaid plans with mobile data isn’t the norm.

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