Bungee Girl – Solo Trips For Women, Now On iOS

Bungee Girl, developed and published by the Outerbridge Ventures, is an app recently launched on the iTunes App Store and fabricated especially for the women of today’s gen who love to travel solo.

Bungee Girl connects solo female travelers who either have an equal interest in visiting each other’s city or live in the same city and have a shared interest in traveling to the same location.

The app is compatible on the iOS platform and requires iOS 8.0 or later to run.

Content and Features:

In this growing movement of solo travelling and in a generation of wanderlust,  it is tough to be a solo female globetrotter. Whether you’re facing higher costs that come with traveling alone, are concerned about safety, or just don’t want to feel lonely on the road, Bungee Girl is here to set your mind at ease.

Bungee Girl features support searching by interests or location and very effortlessly it creates a network and community of female travelers. To ensure there will always be connections to make, Bungee Girl is available for select cities with new cities being added based on demand.

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Getting started with Bungee Girl is just the easiest. All you have to do is create a profile of your own, mentioning your varied interests so that it becomes easy for other users to connect with you based on mutual likes and dislikes. Share your best travel stories through the postcard feature on your profile and show it off with style. Once done with that, you can either choose to find a travel buddy in your home city and share experiences together, or meet local bungee girls in a city you are travelling to.

Setting up a connection with the bungee girls from the community is just as easy as it sounds. Send and receive messages from the one you wish to create travel story with and can either plan a trip together and visit the city that you both always wanted to, or host a traveler arriving to your city and create an enriched experience to remember.

Display and Appearance:

Bungee Girl is the perfect amalgamation of ease and effortless functionality put together in an app. It is just the appropriate app that caters to the travel needs of women these days. The app is designed to facilitate and fabricate the perfect travel experience for women.

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The app features are very well thought of and placed within. Functionality could never be an issue with this app. Everything is available at a finger’s reach, be it choosing your own city and finding local travelers or sharing your own travel experiences in a trendy way through postcards.

The Verdict:

We can easily conclude that with Bungee Girl, it was never this easy to find a travel buddy. Women who enjoy solo travel no longer need to hesitate at the idea of venturing off alone. Just log on to this app and find someone like your own self and explore the city you always wished to!

The app is available to download on the iTunes App Store for absolutely no cost at all.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5


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