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avgAVG, the best Antivirus Software for Android is the most preferred app when it comes to safety and security for devices and is highly ranked on the Play Store because of its brilliant functionalities.

It helps protect your phone and tablet from harmful viruses, malware, spyware, scam-ware and text messages and keep your personal data safe with an app lock and picture vault.

The app is compatible on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices.

Content and Features:

Once installed, it runs silently in the background and leaves you no worries of viruses or any other kind of malware that could attack your phone via web etc. The main functionality of AVG focuses solely on security with features that include real-time protection from malware and spyware and scans all the apps you download from the Play Store before installation to make sure it’s free from malware. It’s other functions include frequent updates of the antivirus database, quarantine mode, app backups, virus protection, and a lot more.

avg1In-app features are extremely impressive and redefine the way an antivirus software should function. The dual engine antivirus scans apps and games before it even installs on your device and removes malicious content if found. On detection of a suspicious website upon browsing, the app directs you to a Safe Page that doesn’t let any virus penetrate.

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Not only just protection and privacy of the phone, AVG tops the Anti-Theft Protection charts as well. AVG’s remote management console or text messages lets you identify, locate, block and delete all data on your phone in case of theft or loss.  Not only that, just through a text you can make your phone ring if its on silent mode and you’ve lost a track of its whereabouts. One attractive premium feature that we absolutely loved is the Camera Trap that discreetly emails you a photo of anyone who enters 3 wrong passwords when trying to unlock your phone. This feature is just the one we need these days to ensure complete privacy of our devices.

There’s more to AVG than just omitting viruses from your device. If you’re ever troubled by unwanted calls and messages and can’t find a way to get rid of them, this app is here to rescue you with its Call and SMS blocker feature that filters and warns about suspicious activity.

Display and Functionality:

The software has a simplistic, straightforward, contemporary interface that guides you throughout the process of filtering and safeguarding your device based on probable potential threats. The layout and design of the software is just as required and contributes to simplify the usage of the app.

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Unlike most antivirus software that drain your battery due to continuous usage of background data, AVG helps you restore the battery life by monitoring your daily battery consumption and enabling an in-built power saving mode that kills tasks and processes that can slow down your phone and track your mobile data plan usage.

The Verdict:

AVG is by far the most powerful and globally downloaded mobile security software that comes in handy for all Android devices. It has various versions of it to be downloaded like the basic free one and also the premium one for those who’d like to ensure 100% security of their phones and tablets. The premium features are included free for 30 days, and can be bought anytime with an in‑app purchase.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5

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