Apple Ranked Fifth In The Top Laptop League


In the top rankings for all brands of laptop for the year 2017, Apple has surprisingly dropped to the fifth position after its reputation took a serious hit in 2016 because of the USB C-port. Apple has always sold its laptops at a premium, but in 2017, it wasn’t considered quite worth by the customers as reported by Laptop Magazine.

The publication evaluated the 10 biggest laptop brands on the basis of the combination of quality, innovation, support, design and value. Apple fell to the fifth place ever since the launch of its laptop range in 2010, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, mainly because of its modest review scores, expensive products and lack of ports.

Lenovo emerged as the most preferred laptop amongst Acer, HP, Asus etc and gained the maximum popularity because of its innovative and quality offerings and dedicated customer support. HP somehow managed to rank above Apple at number four while Acer shared the fifth spot with Apple since it beat Acer in five of the six criteria, but Acer overshadowed Apple when it came to value and selection.


“Using USB-C as the only port option really hurt the company’s reputation, because owners must carry around a bunch of dongles. The company’s MacBooks are slim, powerful and well-built, but you’ll need a pile of money and a bagful of dongles”, quoted the Laptop Magazine

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