Apple To Build A Sensor Targeting A Cure For Diabetes


Apple has always been on top of the news charts when it comes to manufacturing top notch unique products that take the market away by storm. Next in its list could be a sensor that can detect and cure diabetes. It is reportedly a part of Apple’s secret initiative as the tech giant has hired a team of skilled biomedical engineers. 

The sensors would be able to track and monitor a body’s glucose levels through contact with the skin, and not through the invasive and traditional methods of  blood tests or similar mechanisms. This device is apparently acting as the line that would bridge the gap between pharmaceuticals and technology with the help of  high-tech machinery that would combine biology, software and hardware, resulting into a field called the ‘bio-electronics’.

The idea of such a magnificent technology was pitched in by the late former CEO of the company, Steve Jobs as a part of his aspiring project to detect and cure diseases with the help of wearable devices. The company has based its project location at Palo Alto and not the Apple headquarters, presumably to maintain the secrecy of initiative.

Google too is working on fabricating its own glucose tracker as a part of its bio-electrics initiative in association with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) but has taken a varied approach by developing a contact lens that is intended to track blood sugar through contact with the eye, and a bandage-sized device being developed by its Life Sciences division.