Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery For Windows- Restore It All

stellarStellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Windows is an efficient professional software that helps users recover lost or accidentally deleted photos, videos, files and folders from the Recycle Bin.

It facilitates recovery from different storage devices such as hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, etc. and also helps retrieve data from lost or deleted partitions of the hard drive.

Content and Features:

The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Free Edition follows a simple 3-step procedure in order to recover the lost data from almost all kinds of devices including external and internal hard disks, camera, desktops, USB drives, SD cards and memory cards.

Select The Media: Choose the type of files you wish to recover and then select the location that the files originally belong to. Once you have identified the file type, you are ready to begin with the Scanning process.

Scanning: Once you have selected the file location from which you wish to recover the desired file, the software scans the entire volume for lost data. A snippet of the lost files could be visible to you while the scanning is in process in the form of Tree view, File Type, and Deleted List. An option for turning off the preview is available too.

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Once the Scan is done, enter the location where the recovered data is to be saved.

In case you wish to recover an entire lost partition, the software allows you to look for it through its “Can’t Find Drive” option available under “Other Locations” in the location selection screen which is then followed by a thorough Deep Scan.

Another highlighting feature of the software is its ability to recover lost or deleted Optical Media Files such as scratched, corrupted or partially burnt CDs and DVDs.

Display, Appearance and Interface:

Stellar Phoenix is an excellent file recovery program. It’s very easy to use and has the best wizard to help you undelete files that we’ve seen in any data recovery app.

The software has a simplistic, straightforward, contemporary interface that guides you throughout the process of data recovery based on the kind of file you need to recover. The layout and design of the software is just as required and contributes to simplify the recovery process.

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The Verdict:

With the rise of the number of data recovery software these days, it becomes quite tough to choose the right one that fits into your needs and budget. Stellar Phoenix is hands down one of the best out of the lot that you should actually consider to use in a situation of lost data.

The Free Edition of Stellar Phoenix Recovery allows you to recover a maximum of 1GB data after which you will be required to upgrade to the paid versions depending on your need. The Pricing Plans are quite efficient and lie within the moderate budget range of $59-$99.

The software is free to download but several versions are chargeable according to the user’s need and requirement of the recovery.

Layout and Interface: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5 (as we mentioned, the software is extremely easy to operate with no guide required)

Software Functionality: 5/5 (during the use, we faced no lags and the recovery was carried out seamlessly)

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