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Logo_BAGAPP_cutBagAPP, by AllSharp Corporation Ltd. is a newly launched application that offers baggage deposit service at varied locations and is crafted specially for avid travelers.

BagAPP allows you to search, choose and book a baggage deposit service at the nearest business premises (hotel, shop or similar) in advance or right at the moment you need it.

Currently BagAPP is active in London, Prague, Berlin, Milan and Rome. The app is compatible on both iOS and Android platforms.

Content and Features:

BagAPP finally makes being able to visit a city, go shopping or travelling for business hands free, without having to drag around any luggage but still being able to access your personal effects when and where you need it.

Once you have downloaded the application, or logged in through the website, the geolocation service on your device identifies your current location and leads you directly to the nearest available baggage deposit service center. The application does not demand a registration process which positively saves a lot of time.

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The deposition is done following a 4-step simple procedure:

Search: You need to enter the address and other details like the number of bags you will deposit, the date and time of your arrival and departure.

Find: Once you have provided the application with your details, locations of nearby business premises who offer the service will be visible for you to choose.

Choose: Once the business premises in your location are visible, you are free to choose one of your choice after comparing prices and checking reviews and other details.

A confirmation email follows once you have booked your luggage after entering your name and email address. Cancellation of the booking can be done up to an hour before the booking time.

Display, Appearance and Interface

BagAPP is quite a user friendly application that works perfectly with its design and layout just as required. The application sticks to its purpose strictly and the interface is highly simplistic. The process of booking is extremely easy and time saving.

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Considering the safety concerns, the custody of your luggage is guaranteed by BagAPP’s network of selected partners equipped with a dedicated space for luggage deposit. When booking your luggage deposit you will be provided with the terms and conditions of the service.

The Verdict:

BagAPP’s flawlessly impresses us with its services aiming to offer innovative services to craft unforgettable travel experiences for every user. The application is as good as the idea of the app and works just perfectly and facilitates seamless user experience. We would surely recommend people travelling in the UK to try BagAPP- Free To Travel!

The application is available at the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store for absolutely no charge but does require you to make a payment when you book a service.

 TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5

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