Apple’s iPhone Could Soon Feature The Google Assistant

Google-Assistant-Samsung-LG-HTC-840x523 (1)

Google Assistant marked its debut to the Android Phones last year with the launch of Pixel and Pixel-XL phone models. It was first exclusive just for the Pixel models but eventually the feature rolled out to a lot of other Android running devices. With the flawless functionality of Google Assistant, latest rumors reveal that Apple is soon going to introduce the same in the forthcoming iPhone devices. 

At a recent interview during the MWC 2017, Google’s Product Management Director Gummi Hafsteinsson, expressed his desire to ‘make the Assistant available to use for as many people as possible’, which gave a little clue of how the product could be introduced to the iPhones as well, hinting a tough competition to Siri.

Google Assistant is already superior to Siri in several ways. While both certainly have their strengths and weaknesses, Google Assistant handles natural language as well as contextual and follow-up queries better than Siri does, and it works flawlessly with Google’s incredible range of apps. You just cannot ignore the potential Google Assistant has when compared to other assistants such as Cortana or Siri.

The introduction of Google Assistant to the iPhone could be really something to look forward to the iOS users already using Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Hangouts, Allo, Google Photos, and any of Google’s other mobile apps.

Currently, Google Assistant is limited only to the US, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany.

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