Android Soon To Emerge As The World’s Most Popular OS


Google’s mobile OS, Android is supposedly set to emerge as the king of operating systems after conquering over 37.3% of devices globally. Windows stood just a little behind Android, at 38.4% where as Apple’s iPhone came in third at 12.99%. Stat Counter, a web analytics company, monitored the worlwide web traffic and found that Android came very close to matching Windows’ market share last month.

Android was launched in September 2008 and it now has the largest installed base of all operating systems. However, just five years ago, in early 2012, Windows had a 82 per cent global internet usage share compared to just 2.2 per cent for Android.


Due to its continuous presence on desktop PCs and laptops, Windows still remains the leading operating system globally though it is being dominated by Google’s mobile OS.

When you take into account Chrome’s inexorable domination of the browser market to the cost of Microsoft’s IE and Edge, there is no escaping the conclusion that Google rules the digital world.

Android, being a massive success in most of the developing countries is leading to the continued growth of the mobile and tablet market which eventually is a notable contributing factor to the market share. “The idea of Android almost matching Windows would have been unthinkable five years ago,” stated Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter.

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