MacBook Pro With New Mac Chip To Be Launched

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Apple updated the MacBook Pro in 2016 but it did not go too well with the users since a major and more powerful update was expected. The MacBook Pro got a power boost and a new Rose Gold colour option, whereas the MacBook Air simply got a new 8GB onboard memory standard, and that was for the 13in model only. But this year looks promising since Apple has planned to launch a fresh version of the MacBook Pro featuring a new Apple-designed chip designed for low-power consumption.

For the iPhone, a primary application processor chip designed by Apple is used, allowing the phone and tablets to boost its performance more than the regular Android devices. Using this smart and efficient technique, a chip for the MacBook too, is in the talks to be added to upgrade performance levels.

The new Apple chip, codenamed T310 is apparently based on ARM technology and will sit alongside a Core processor for the time being, but handle more functionality independent of the Intel chip and will be based on the embedded processor currently used in the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, which is used for the computer’s eponymous Touch Bar technology as well as Touch ID.

In the new MacBook Pro coming later this year, the new Apple chip could run the laptop’s low-power mode to fetch emails and other data while the computer is asleep, leading to lower power consumption and better battery life. However, the device is not likely to be seen anytime before autumn 2017.

Other products to look forward to in the year 2017 are the iPhone 8 and the iPad Pro 2.

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