Apple’s New Spaceship Campus – Apple Park Is Ready


It is every person’s dream to work in a very environmental friendly workspace and to excel in each and every aspect of life. Introducing to you is the new Apple Park – an amazing working environment for Engineers who have a dream job. This park is “Dream come true”.

With an amazing 175-acre campus the Apple is opening a new workspace for employees. The employees as announced on 22nd February 2017 will be occupying the building by this April. This beautiful ring-shaped structure is opened in Cupertino, CA. It has been built where a Hewlett Packard campus once stood. It is an extremely large building having about a third of a mile as the diameter and about a mile in circumference around the building. The campus has lots of facilities which include a 600,000 square feet of research facilities, a 100,000 square foot fitness facility as well as a corporate auditorium with 1,000 seats which will be called the Steve Jobs Theater. It will be at one of the highest point in the park.

This dream of Mr. Steve Jobs was unveiled in the year 2011 and now the completely environmental friendly building has been built after 6 years. The Apple Park will be running on 100% renewable energy and according to Apple it has one of the largest solar energy installations in the entire world.

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