TSC by Earlogic- The New Way Of Hearing

jwIv-yZNTSC by Earlogic, is the first music platform app that fully integrates into the personal hearing condition and prevents hearing loss.

TSC features exclusive ‘Threshold Sound Conditioning’ technology that you can routinely test your hearing condition and improve your hearing capacity with customized sound signals.

The app is compatible on the iOS platform and is available to download for absolutely no cost.

 Content and Features:

TSC is the first ever technology to have introduced such an application that offers advanced hearing testing, customized song algorithm, hearing capacity enhancement and hearing condition monitoring. It adds quality to the sound without being destructive to our ears.

It is recommendable to take a hearing test initially so that customization of the app according to the hearing capacity becomes feasible. It exclusively allows us to improve the sound quality with the Active EQ feature which automatically sets the sound to such a level that is more clear and of a better quality.  it sends out customized sound signals that facilitates healthy hearing.

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The Interactive Graph is quite an interesting feature provided to us by TSC. It helps us keep a track record of our usage time, our progress, and the best suitable and the worst Index for our ears.

Also, the TSC Music Platform helps us to access music from any streaming app and listen to it on our own device.

Display and Appearance:

TSC possesses smooth and a serene display quality, that acquires the power to make you keep coming back to it. The interface is highly simplified for the best user experience and navigation within the app is trouble-free. Everything is available at a thumb’s reach. The variety of options and customization available in this app is a delight and each feature is presented beautifully. The application does not fail to amaze you with its brilliant workability. TSC perfectly brews its unique features with an ideal user interface.

The Verdict:

TSC is built to suit your range of needs, leaving it completely up to you to decide how much depth and clarity of the music you wish to hear, keeping in mind that it doesn’t go above the normal hearing levels. Eventually, this app sums up to become the first music app that prevents hearing loss and increases hearing capacity. It truly gives you the power to hear the music, the way you’d actually prefer – at it’s best!

The app is available to download for absolutely no cost from the iTunes App Store.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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