Tiny Game Dev For iOS, Play Your Way From Rags To Riches

TinyGameDev_logoTiny Game Dev, developed by The Anshar Studios is the cutest game developer application you will ever come across. With this game, you can actually experience the feel of being a real game developer where you can invest to develop you own games and hire your own employees.

Anshar Studios have have worked on 23 commercial games released on 7 different platforms with the use of 5 different technologies.

The game released on the 26th of January and is compatible with the iOS platform.

Content and Features:

The game was going through its soft launch phase for a while and made its global debut on the 26th January 2017. It is one of those games that will manage to get you hooked on to it, undoubtedly! If you had ever dreamed of becoming a game developer and having your own firm with a proper workspace, this game is the one for you. It hands you the freedom to name your office as you desire and launch it into the world of developers for an obvious competition. Thanks to Anshar Studios, the virtual world of developers will be in your hands.

First things first, coming up with a title is something you have to do to launch yourself. Once you are done with that, you start with planning budgets and expanding your office in the cartoon world. The step by step interactive guidance will help you establish your office in the initial stages until you are thorough with the process yourself.

       Tiny_Game_Dev_1     Tiny_Game_Dev_2

Your development studio will then be ready to take up work and start with the game development tasks. One by one you can get your game developed by clicking on the ‘work’ button which will eventually result into earnings that you can see on the right hand top corner of the screen. Once you have made a decent amount, you can invest you earnings to expand and build new floors in the  office, hire new workers to work for you, upgrade your staff’s skills etc. Also you have an option to choose from a variety of themes for the interiors and genres that you can customize later.

Display And Appearance:

          Tiny_Game_Dev_3      Tiny_Game_Dev_4

This cartoony world of game development is bound to please you with its vivid colours and flawless graphic quality, which actually play an important factor to make you an addict of this game! The sound quality is also commendable and the choice of the background music goes considerably well with the entire gameplay. The themes that we are given to chose for the interior and exterior of the structure are soothing and decent to look at.

The interface is also easy to operate. You wouldn’t find yourself lost in the game, courtesy the step by step guidance, which you can also turn off when not required.

The Verdict:

Overall, Tiny Game Dev has fulfilled all our expectations as a game with new concept and we hope it does well with other users as well. It is definitely worth a try because after just once, you are bound to get addicted!

With the game gaining a lot of popularity in the first week itself of its release, considering the above factors, we can hence conclude that Tiny Game Dev is definitely a must try.

The game is available to download from the iTunes App Store for absolutely no cost.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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