‘Super Mario Run’ To Finally Debut On Android


Super Mario Run is finally set to make its debut on the Android platform, possibly by the end of March, after being exclusively available on just iOS devices for a really long period of time. The release of this announcement by Nintendo, brings with itself a wave of happiness for the Android users who were frantically waiting for the launch.

The game will likely be available to download for free on the Android, unlike the iOS version, which charged a fee after crossing the first three levels of the game. When the game was launched for Apple, it was sold as a $10 premium title, whereas the users expected it to be a free-to-play one and were slapped with a price tag which is one of Super Mario’s major letdown.

Nintendo was reluctant to port any of its franchisees on the mobile platform, fearing the impact on its handheld business, but finally decided to make the big movie in 2016, and is set to release two further titles in 2017 (Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing) with more to come in the following years. But while initial interest in Super Mario Run was high, estimates from third-parties suggest that only around three percent of iOS users paid for the full game.


The game had instantaneously shot onto the top charts after its release on the iOS and broke all download records and is now expected to perform the same way on for Android, making the release highly anticipating.

Nintendo’s official Japanese twitter account released this news along with a pre-registration page for the Android users on the Google Play Store which will notify the users as to when will the game release.

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