Samsung Galaxy S8 to drop the ‘Home Button’, So Will The iPhone 8

Apple always intends to do something revolutionary with each of its product and eventually sets a trend. With 2017 marking the company’s 10th Anniversary, our expectations are high with the upcoming releases. There are steady rumours of Apple removing home button in iPhone 8. The phone will feature an edge-to-edge display that’ll make the iPhone look like a single piece of glass. This will bring about a major change in the way we use the iPhone. It is assumed to be launched around late autumn this year.


Edging forward with Samsung, the company is all set with the Galaxy S8, with its launch slated around April this year, the next generation flagship is just a few months away from its debut. If rumors are to be believed, the phone will also drop its ‘Home Button’. The control keys below the display will become virtual, perhaps using Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader, which can hide below the glass. The Galaxy S8 will once more represent the cutting edge of Android technology and push Samsung’s vision of a mobile phone.


Also, the early rumors leaved a trace of Samsung possibly cloning Apple and ditching the headphone jack (just like the iPhone7) on the S8, the leak clearly shows there’s something closely resembling a standard audio port in the bottom left corner of the leaked phone.

While a lot of Android phones have renounced the physical buttons on the face and used the operating system’s virtual button, Samsung’s Galaxy series is the most popular Android handset on the market.


There is relatively no way to judiciously argue against the fact that Samsung got its start in the smartphone business by copying Apple. If Samsung manages to pull off this design, Apple’s iPhone 8 will have some seriously creaky clash this year, however, as of now there is no accuracy of these mockups.

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