Deadroad Assault – Shoot And Crush Them All, For iOS And Android


Deadroad Assault, developed and published by The Radiobush, is a challenging game involving zombies, who have to be shot and crushed before they reach you and consume you.

Your truck has crashed on eerie Exit 51, and the plague infested zombies are after you! Kill them all.

The game is supported on both, iOS and Android platforms.

Content and Features:

Deadroad zombie is one the of the most accessible zombie games around. You might not have nightmares after glancing at the shambling undead, but the game shows that zombies don’t need to be terrifying to be entertaining. They come to you in pairs and triplets and sometimes even in quadruplets , depending on which level you are, to scare you and eat you. Killing them off is a fun and an easy task. Obviously it might seem easy at first, but as you progress with the game, you realize that it is actually pretty hard to master!

The pace of the zombies approaching you, increases level after level and at one point of time it becomes absolutely impossible to kill them off at once. You have to constantly keep re-assessing your strategy and at the end of each level, ensure that you never get stuck with one approach.

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You are given an arsenal of chain guns and rockets to help you wreak havoc and destruction! You are given to start with a basic rocket, and the variety of these becomes available as you progress with the game and achieve a suitable score that will unlock them. As you complete and master the levels, you unlock great achievements and furthermore, you can challenge your friends to beat your score!

Display and Appearance:

Deadroad Assault has its zombies rendered in a very interesting 3D way. The display enhances the already enjoyable core experience. The visual effects of the game are decent and pleasing to the eye, with the animation and the graphics being eye-poppy, hence highlighting the beautiful lush environment of the game. The movement and the attack controls of the game and the user interface are smooth and hence simplifying the navigation throughout the gaming options that in turn gets you hooked to the game play at the very start of it.

The Verdict:

Deadroad Assault by Radiobush, is an overall robust shooter game with an astounding level of mechanical diversity and guarantees you’ll encounter something new every round you play. Rip these angry monsters to shreds with gatling guns, chain guns and bombs. Unlock challenging achievements and compare your score online to see how you rank up!

The game is available to download on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Market for absolutely no cost.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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