Apple Introduces Beta Version Of Watch OS 3.2

watchos-3-2-apple-watch-theater-modeApple recently has launched a beta version of its new software update of the Watch OS 3.2 and has introduced new developer-related features for the watch on currently shipping devices. The update includes a major user feature called the ‘Theatre Mode’ which lets you mute the volume of the Apple Watch and avoid waking the screen on wrist raise.

Also Apple watchOS 3.2 update also includes SiriKit where users can ask Siri on their Apple Watch to book a ride, send a message, make a payment, or make other requests that an app can handle.

The enrichment is assumed to be an effort in making the device less distracting in a theater as usually when you raise your wrist, your Apple Watch screen lights up, which is noticeable in a dark theater, hence the feature will help us get rid of the disruption. You’ll still receive notifications, including the one that makes the watch vibrate on your wrist, but to view them, you’ll have to tap on your Apple Watch screen or press the digital crown on the side of the device instead of just lifting your wrist.

You could use Theater mode on the Apple Watch while sleeping, as some people use sleep tracking apps like Sleep++ on Apple Watch at night (and charge at other times). Do Not Disturb can be scheduled based on time of day and disables alerts, but Theater Mode addresses the small screen lighting up in a dark environment distraction without manually turning off raise-to-wake.

The feature is currently available only for developers and no official announcement date so as to when it will be out for users has been given.

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