SPRITZR for iOS and Android- Play Matchmaker For Your Friends

vawlacvzIf you fancy yourself a matchmaker, the new dating app Spritzr, by the Banaia Inc, allows you to refer potential love interests to your single friends via Facebook. Spritzr helps you find the perfect relationship without going through the hassles and awkwardness associated with other dating apps.

The app is compatible on both iOS and Android Platforms.

Contents and Features:

Spritzr is a free matchmaking app for the iPhone that puts your friends and family, and other trusted people, in charge of setting you up with dates they think you might be interested in. So if you’re in a happy relationship and want the same for your perpetually single friends, being a Spritzr matchmaker might be a good place to start.

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During the sign up process, you have to indicate whether you would-be the “dater” or “matchmaker,” connect your accounts to Facebook and create profiles with a few basic details. Then, you can begin suggesting potential partners for your Facebook friends, or even complete strangers who are also on Spritzr.

Once a connection has been made, the app works much like Tinder, you can chat with whoever it is you’re matched with, and Spritzr even has pre-made messages if you’re not a super creative or talkative person. Just like any other app, you’re free to exchange numbers, set up a date, and then, if all goes well, find love and become a Matchmaker yourself someday!


Spritzr’s Karma Points feature adds a little extra motivation to be an exceptional Matchmaker. There’s a leaderboard that shows which Matchmakers are doing a particularly great job at setting up their friends, and you can earn bronze, silver, or gold status. Gold status holders get something of a VIP treatment, receiving virtual and real rewards, as well as access to exclusive Spritzr events.

Display and Appearance:

Overall appearance of the application is quite decent, light and minimal. The application has a high quality display with interactive texts guiding you throughout the process of the matchmaking.

The interface is also easy to operate. You wouldn’t find yourself lost in the app. The navigation within the app is smooth while the swiping feature, either right or left to the ones you match and connect is available at a thumb’s touch and reach.

The Verdict:

Unlike any other app, Spritzr uniquely identifies itself as a guaranteed matchmaker. It’s easy to find quality individuals to date when you use Spritzr, because you don’t have to swipe through millions of questionable characters. People you already know are handpicked potential relationship partners for you.

The application is available to download on both, iTunes Apple Store and the Google Play Market for absolutely no cost.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5

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