The New iOS 10.2 Update, Available Now

Apple reveals the latest iOS software release, the update bringing a number of improvements and upgrades to the company’s mobile offering, is now available to download for free. The last time that Apple launched an iOS update was on October 31st with iOS 10.1.1, with the developer preview of iOS 10.2 being released the same date. This update includes several major features and many bug fixes.


iOS 10.2 introduces more than 100 new emoji and new wallpapers and iMessage screen effects. It also marks the debut of Apple’s new TV app (US-only for now), meant to help Apple TV owners easily find things to watch, and view their purchased movies and TV shows from multiple services. The Emergency SOS feature will contact emergency services when you press the power button five times, while the Music app has received bigger Shuffle and Repeat buttons.


New Emojis: 

iOS 10.2 is probably most notable for the new emoji it brings, with over a hundred new additions. This includes more diverse characters, new food choices, additional animals, facial reactions, sports, and extra jobs and professions. Many of the emoji have been redesigned to show even more detail than before. The new additions have been made possible by iOS 10.2’s support for Unicode 9.0, the specification that governs new emoji design.


New TV App:

First shown off at the company’s October MacBook launch event, the new Apple TV app looks to bring together all your live and on-demand TV viewing one place. The service brings together TV content from a number of apps and services such as Netflix, with Apple CEO Tim Cook promising that it will revolutionise the way users watch television. It provides recommendations for movies and TV shows in the “Watch Now” section and to discover new apps and new iTunes releases in the “Store” section. The “Up Next” section allows you to see the movies and TV shows that you are currently watching and continue where you let off.

New Wallpapers:

In iOS 10.2, Apple added three new wallpapers that can be used on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These three new wallpapers are known as Droplet Blue, Droplet Red and Droplet Yellow.

New Camera Settings:

Camera settings don’t reset anymore when you restart the app, and you can expect to see additional video widgets and single sign-on support for cable subscribers in the US. Live Photos have been improved, while the News app gets a Saved section where you can go back to the stories you’ve decided to keep around for later. You can also swipe left or tap Next Story while reading to get to another news item.

New Message Effects:

When Apple launched iOS 10, one of the biggest features added to the Messages app was the ability to add background effects to text messages. This feature works if the receiving party also upgraded to iOS 10 or higher. The effects that are included in iOS 10 include “send with balloons,” “send with confetti,” “send with lasers,” “send with fireworks” and “send with shooting star.” iOS 10.2 includes two more effects: “Celebrate” and “Send with Love.”



You can install iOS 10.2 by connecting your device to iTunes or downloading it by going to Settings > General > Software Update. The iOS 10.2 update is available for the following devices: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later and iPod touch 6th generation and later.


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