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1200x630bfThe latest generation casino application,, developed by the Mansion Limited, is fabricated exclusively for the iOS users (available on the iPhone and the iPad, compatible with iOS 7 or later)., which is now available on mobile devices (previously only on web), pledges to guarantee you fun, choice, and convenience, with a huge range of casino games and services for you to enjoy. As for what we have experienced, the game is the best amalgamation of innovative game design, unique and generous promotions, state of the art graphics, as well as friendly and professional customer care.

If you are already registered at the website, you can download the app and simply begin playing with your current balance.

Content and Features:

There’s something for everyone at, from feature-packed slots to classic casino games such as online blackjack, roulette or video poker.

The game attempts to offer a wide medley of games in the casino lobby, which can be played for real money. With more than 300 games to choose from, caters to all tastes and preferences and satisfies even the most perceptive player and it is also designed to suit every pocket. Playing for free is also an option if you’re a beginner and wish to play in the Practise Mode first, rather than rolling high stakes all at once.

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As soon as you register for the game, your initial deposit amount doubles up to almost £400, which is basically designated as the ‘Welcome Bonus’, acting as an overwhelming start for the user. If that didn’t suffice, has another way to keep you hooked on the game, as it also doubles up your first deposit every month by 100%, calling it the ‘Make Your Match’ promotion.

Display and Appearance:

Ever since the massive increase in the production of touch screen mobile phones, gaming sectors have benefited extensively. has put its benefits to the best use by providing state of the art graphics with vivid colors and effect that actually brew the visual effects so crystal that you’ll almost feel like the gaming world has come to life!

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The game has been designed keeping the user accessibility in mind, hence it is very easy to use and navigation within the slots, games and other in-game features has been very smooth.

The Verdict: has procasino-com-logobably one of the best customer services any online gaming application has ever provided the customers with. The support team is available 24 hours a day, through e-mail and a free phone number in UK, to handle all your issues, be it technical or just deposit and money related ones.

All the above features add up to making a must try for all those who’d love to risk their stakes and have one hell of a time, winning big!

The game is available to download on the iTunes Store for absolutely no charge.

The AppleGoogle Rating- 4.9/5

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