Arcane Dragon for iOS & Android – Defeat Them All

14859783_315712928811681_2166639807407046081_oArcane Dragon, developed by Snowpopcorn and published by Redbana US Corporation, is a fast-paced, arcade-style, action game that features exciting, real-time co-op and PVP features. Players can form parties and defeat the formidable dragons that once lived in harmony with humans and monsters that constantly attack villages.

Test the limits of your skills in matches with your friends and opponents in 1v1 battles. The game is compatible on both, iOS and Android platforms.

Content and Features:
With Arcane Dragon, you have to strategize your way through challenges with a unique Party Play system and defeat the dungeon bosses in real-time three-person tag teams.
The game caters to different play styles with a selection from three classes: a wizard, an archer or a warrior; Warrior being the melee class that specializes in leading combat and taking the brunt of the damage in groups. Wizards are spell-casting character designed to deal damage, while also preventing monsters from dealing damage and providing utility for the rest of the party and the Archer class that can wield bow, allowing to attack most enemy units without receiving a counterattack, but at the same time preventing them from counterattacking enemies who manage too close to melee range. There are pets too, who follow you when your character gets summoned so that you never have to play alone.




There is an Infinite Tower, a tower dungeon with consecutive monster spawning, where players get large amount of gold and support player’s ranking, and an Extra Dungeon, where the players gets higher level of accessories.With loads of costumes to choose from at our own choice, dress up for the Legendary Costume from Raid Dragon.

An in-game community facilitates the user to chat amongst their friends and opponents and send and receive party invitations and also a friendly point exchange.

Display and Appearance:

The visual effects of the game are decent and pleasing to the eye, with the animation and the graphics being eye-poppy, hence highlighting the beautiful lush environment of the game.

The movement and the attack controls of the game and the user interface are smooth and hence simplifying the navigation throughout the gaming options that in turn gets you hooked to the game play at the very start of it.




The Verdict:

With the game being finally available globally and it gaining a lot of popularity in the first week itself of its release, considering the above factors we can hence conclude that Arcane Dragons is definitely a must try. It has come out with a newer and an improved version of itself, with new pet systems, better log-in rewards, and a new Rune Combination system.
For more information about the community and game updates please visit these sites:
Facebook Fan page:
Official Website:

The game is available to download on both, iTunes App Store and the Google Play Market for absolutely no cost.

TheAppleGoogle Rating- 4/5

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