All New Apple iPhone 8 To Smash All Previous Sales Records


An iPhone with a curved screen, wireless charging facility, and a glass body, could be on store shelves as soon as next year! Apple suppliers are keen to make 120 million to 150 million iPhones in the second half of 2017, a number that would crush all previous sales, according to a top analytics firm report by 9to5Mac.

The biggest news comes from KGI Securities, who confirms these remarkable changes in a report leaked to MacRumors:

  1. Three premium 2017 iPhone models will be launched, including a new 5.8-inch model.
  2. All three new models will switch to glass body.
  3. Wireless charging will be introduced.
  4. LCD screens replaced by thinner, brighter, more efficient OLED panels (that might increase the cost drastically).

Apple will also remove the iPhone’s iconic home button in 2017, a significant change that will first be shown off on new iPads that would be introduced in the early 2017.

Also, Apple might decide not to release the model, since it usually does not manufacture all the model it designs, considering it one of the 10 prototypes as leaked.

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