Latest Update For WhatsApp Would Allow Video Calling


In recent news, WhatsApp, the multi-billion Dollar company is planning to add “video-calling” as a feature in their next version for the App. The feature is already available to some users as a beta update which can be download from APKMirror. With parent company Facebook already implementing this on their Facebook Mobile App, it’s no surprise that WhatsApp is following the trend. With a lot of such “chat Apps” having this feature, WhatsApp may be the last but definitely not the least.

After the users update to the beta version, they may notice a camera icon next to calling icon on your contact list which can be used to make video calls provided the other user has also updated to the same version. After testing this for sometime it was pretty evident that both audio and video quality were good but that may depend on the internet connection and speed.


Though WhatsApp has not officially announced a release date for this update, it could be shortly expected. For now the users can download the beta update before an official release is out. This is definitely a good sign as users can now chat, call and have a video call and stay connected. This would seem to work best for students away from home, people on business trips and the list can go on and on. It won’t be much of surprise if they also come up with tele-conferencing which was hinted early on this year but never happened.

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