Test Your Minecraft Knowledge On Quiz Craft Elite Edition – For iOS And Android


Quiz Craft Elite Edition is a Minecraft trivia game which has been developed by Sakari Games. Quiz Craft is a great way to test your knowledge about Minecraft and this game is the best way to do that. The questions are in a time based format and the sooner you answer, the better your score. The game is available on both, iTunes App store and Google Play store and is free to download.

Content And Features :

Quiz Craft has a decent amount of content from the start itself. The player can choose the number of questions to start with and can choose between 25, 50 or 100 questions. The questions are fairly simple to understand if you have been playing Minecraft. The general format is that there are boxes with ingredients inside them and the player must answer the recipe from the four options available. The player will earn a better score based on the amount of time taken to answer the question. Each question is unique and game tends to get more challenging as the player progresses.


Display and Appearance:

Quiz Craft is decent game when it comes to it’s overall appearance. The textures and backgrounds are very similar to Minecraft but we thinks that’s essential in order to give the players the same look and feel. The interface for the questions and answers are also pretty smooth with each button being extremely responsive. The game does not consume much battery and neither does it heat up the device which is a good thing in order to play for longer times.


The Verdict:

Overall, Quiz Craft is an entertaining trivial game which would appeal to every Minecraft geek out there. Not only is it a good way to test your own knowledge but also a great way to show it off. The variety of questions is what makes this game fun to play and the time based score system is what makes this challenging. As the game does not consume much battery it can be played for longer times and would serve as good way to pass the time when travelling or when waiting for someone.


TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.0/5 

Quiz Craft is available on both, iTunes App store and Google Play store and is free to download and can be downloaded from the below links:



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