A Modern Take At The Classic Pinball – Play Bolly


Play Bolly is a recently released “drop the ball” game developed by StudioAvante. The game takes it roots from classic arcade games like pinball and add it’s mechanics from popular game “roll the ball”. The overall objective of the game is to get the ball from one point to the other across various levels and tables. The game is free to download from iTunes and is available on the iPhone and the iPad.

Content and Feature:

Play Bolly by StudioAvante comes loaded with content that is bound to keep players occupied for hours together. The game offers over 5 tables to choose from and with 50 challenges across the game makes this a big one. Again the player has the ability choose from 5 different balls which have their own unique properties and add to the challenge of this game. To add to that you will not find any two levels similar to each other and that brings some uniqueness to the game.


Display and Appearance:

Play Bolly has some decent artwork behind it and the background images do compliment the game appropriately. The balls have a good shine to them and the objects in the levels have been beautifully colored to make it look as modern as possible but still maintaining that rustic feel to it. The game goes easy on the battery and doesn’t really heat up the phone which is great when it comes to playing for a longer time.


The Verdict: 

Play Bolly by StudioAvante is a great game and a good way to kill some time. It is both fun and challenging at the same time and comes loaded with progressive levels that get slightly more challenging as you complete them. The overall appearance of the game is also pretty good and give an arcadic feel to the players and does bring back some memories of the classic pinball game.


TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.8/5

The game is available for the iPhone and the iPad is can be downloaded for free from here.

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