Apple Launches A Bigger And Better MacBook Pro Today


In recent news, Apple has finally launched the new MacBook Pro. Apart from the specifications and complete overhaul to the config, the new Macbook Pro comes in three sizes, that is the 15-inch model, a 13-inch thick model and 13-inch thin model. Some may say that this is the perfect time for Apple to have a product launch as they recently released their quarterly and it did not look good but this may change the flow of that.

The new MacBook Pro was announced yesterday by Apple at their MacBook Pro event. The new Apple MacBook Pro will now come in three sizes, that is the 15-inch model, a 13-inch thick model and 13-inch thin model. Along with that they have also overhauled the overall specification on the laptop. Top new features include a new OLED Touch-Sensitive Control bar which will change it’s features depending on what the users are doing.

Along with that the device would come with either a 8GB RAM or 16 GB RAM variant along with a great 10 hours battery backup. To add to that, Apple has removed the traditional charging port with the new USB Type-C charger. The new MacBook Pro also sports Apple’s TouchID which the users can use for logging in to the device.

With Apple’s flagship phone the iPhone 7 being launched less than a month ago and without proving to have made a significant difference in the Apple user world, it won’t be a surprise if Apple had pushed the deadline ahead for an early release of the new MacBook Pro. Let’s how this affects the overall market for Apple products.

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