Apple iPhone 7 Caught Fire In Australia


Just a month after it’s release the Apple iPhone 7 reported caught fire in Australia after over-heating and destroyed the owners car in the process. The Australian user who left his iPhone 7 in the car while attending a surfing lesson and upon his return found his smoke filled car and the burned up in the same area where he left his iPhone. 

Apple is currently investigating a claim that their iPhone 7 overheated and caught fire and destroyed the owners car in the process. The owner, Mat Jones in a statement with Australia’s 7 News said that his iPhone 7 was to blame for the damage to his car and shared photos of the incident that clearly showed a melting iPhone 7 wrapped in his pants. Mat Jones claims that he had wrapped his iPhone 7 in his pants before going for his surfing lesson and on his return saw a smoke and ash filled car. Upon further investigation he observed that the fire originated from where his pants were and also observed his melting iPhone.

This definitely sounds like a bad news for Apple as they now face the same dilemma as Apple’s rival company Samsung faced with their Galaxy Note 7, which also spontaneously caught fire in a very similar fashion. Samsung, however had to go ahead and discontinue their device. An Apple spokesperson confirmed that they are in touch with Mat Jones and are investigating the matter, though no deadline has been provided as to when the investigation will be completed.

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