Apple Watch 2 – What We Want With It


It has been a good two years since Apple Watch was announced and since April 2015 the Watch has been on sale. With millions and millions of people sporting the smart watch, they have also been eagerly waiting for an upgrade. It was at the Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) where Apple gave a taste of the next generation of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 2. It is since then that the same segment of Watch users that are eagerly waiting to know the upgraded features of the device. With rumors and wishlists flying around and only a few days before Apple sheds more light on this, we have compiled a wishlist of our own and hoping to see these with the Watch 2.

Better Battery Life:

First and foremost we would like to have a better battery life and probably a bigger battery itself on the new Watch 2. This has been a common problem with Apple devices and we would love to see a change starting with the Watch 2.


Better Apps:

Fitness has always been a thing for the Apple Watch and it would be great to see a few new Apps and features such as sleep tracking and more of such sorts which would prove to be quite helpful on a day-to-day basis.

Better Bands and Faces:

Bands is something that allows the user to add a personal touch to it and are quite limited for now. Despite having third party providers, it will always be an added value to have a variety of authentic Apple Bands to go with the Watch 2. For those who are confused by better Faces, we mean to add a variety of dial such as an oval or a circular face. The regular square shape is not that bad but it does get a little dull after a while.


Price Cuts:

We all agree that premium products do come at a premium cost but it wouldn’t hurt to make the Watch 2 slightly cheaper to boost sales. We have seen a lot of people having second or third thoughts about the Apple Watch just by looking at the price. This might serve as a great sales boost for the Watch 2.

With only a few days to go before Apple unveils their next generation of devices including the Watch 2, it would be great to see some the features and upgrades mentioned above in the device.

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