New Rumors For The New Nexus By HTC


The new Google Nexus is scheduled to be launched soon. This time being developed by HTC and they have decided to take the flagship Android phone to a whole new level. It has already been revealed that the new Nexus will come pre-installed with the latest Android OS, Android 7 or Android N or Android Nougat (they all are the same). Along with that, new reports are showing that the new Nexus will also be highlighting some new features which are said to be added by HTC.

Some rumors and leaks may have revealed that the new HTC built Nexus will be launched by October 4th this year, though no credible source has come up and confirmed on it. To add to that there are some more rumors flying about that are claiming that the device will have two very unique features that may help the 2016 Nexus really step up in the line compared to its competitors. The first will be a brand new custom made launcher and the second is a fingerprint sensor related gestures only limited to the device.


The fingerprint gesture feature will be completely unique and may be limited to the new Nexus only but some reports suggest that it may share this with other Nexus devices such as the 5X and the 6P. It was also reported that the device will come pre-installed with the latest Android OS that is Android Nougat. With rumors suggesting that Google may launch the new Android OS in the coming weeks, that might help in pin-pointing an exact release date for the new Nexus.

Officially both Google and HTC are yet to make an official statement about this revelation but all in due time.

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