iPhone 7 Launch Date Confirmed With Rumors Of Supply Shortage


It is now confirmed. Apple iPhone 7 will be launched on 9th September 2016 and will be available for retail purchases by 23rd September 2016. With only 13 days remaining before the launch of the next generation of the iPhone, Apple may be facing some supply shortages for the new device. Nikkei, the Asian publication recently reported the shortage of supply of parts as well as some faulty components that are being shipped as of now. 

This has been a general trend at Apple to have supply shortages just weeks before the launch of the new iPhone and we have seen a very similar scenario last year with the launch of the iPhone 6. “If Apple sticks to its launch schedule from last year, there may not be enough supply at the beginning, as some suppliers are still trying to fix low yield rates of their components,” an industry source familiar with the issue said.

To simplify, we can say that this years supply of the new iPhone will be comparatively less compared to last years iPhone 6 and unless buys pre-order the device, there might be an unexpected wait time before they can buy one. Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff Pu said “We’ll see about 10 million fewer iPhone 7 builds than we did of the 6s last year, which also caused a fairly significant shortage around the launch period.”

Is this a genuine crisis at the Cupertino based tech giants or a strategy to maximize pre-sales for the upcoming iPhone 7? Only time can tell and there isn’t much left. The wait is almost over.

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