Steve Wozniak Comments On The Upcoming iPhone 7


For the past few months, there have been rumors with partial confirmation circulating regarding the Apple iPhone 7 losing the headphone jack. One of Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak who was less than impressed about this voiced his opinion about the same suggesting that it’s a bad move and would tick off a lot of people if the device doesn’t have the headphone jack.

Since months now, rumors have been suggesting that the next generation iPhone 7 will most likely ditch the headphone jack saying that the device will be too thin to accommodate the headphone jack and would require users to use Bluetooth or an adapter that would connect the regular 3.5mm jack to the iPhone charging port. Considering that Bluetooth doesn’t offer great listening experience and it would quite difficult carrying the adapter everywhere would leave users in a dilemma regarding this move by Apple.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Steve Wozniak said “If it’s missing the 3.5 millimeter earphone jack, that’s going to tick off a lot of people.” “I would not use Bluetooth … I don’t like wireless. I have cars where you can plug in the music, or go through Bluetooth, and Bluetooth just sounds so flat for the same music.” Wozniak warns Apple.

Would the lack of headphone jack result in decline of sales? With only a few weeks before Apple announces the iPhone 7, we would definitely know what Apple has in store for iPhone users.


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