Top 5 Things Apple Watch 2 Must Have

Tag3With lots of rumors and speculations flying around regarding the Apple Watch 2  and the holy month of September just around the corner, a lot of Apple users are eagerly waiting for Apple to drop the bomb on the next generation of Apple Watch. Some of us already have a brief idea of what we are getting in the Apple watch 2 and some claiming major changes, we at TheAppleGoogle are going to list out 5 things that we want in Apple Watch 2 and hoping that Christmas comes early this year.

1. Better Straps:

This should definitely not come as a surprise that we and a lot more Apple Watch users are expecting a whole new lineup of straps for Apple Watch 2. By better straps, we mean better designs, material and art to ensure that each user develops an individuality with their Watch 2. We already saw Apple add some funk with the iPhone 7 by adding a really cool blue color to the device and hope they do the same with the Watch 2.


2. Water-Proofing:

Almost all of us are extremely careful with our Apple Watch but then there are occasional incidents of a Watch drowning and never getting back up or the simple fact that most of us are squeamishly removing our watch and keeping it safely in our pockets with even a slight hint of rain. We already know that it’s water-resistant but it would be great if Apple can take it to the next level and make it completely water-proof.

3. GPS:

This must be on the mind of anyone who has been using the Apple watch for over a few months. GPS is definitely a must have feature for the Apple Watch 2. Imagine the possibility of navigating through the city without even removing your iPhone just sends shivers down the spine. With Apple planning to increase the overall battery capacity of the Watch 2, GPS just might become a reality.


4. Better Charging :

Apple has offered multiple types of chargers for the Apple Watch but what it has in design and portability, they lack in charging speed. It really is a bummer considering the utility of the Watch and the amount of time being spent to charge it. A better charging capability would definitely be a big step up in Apple’s game in the Smartwatch Market.

5. More Watch Tops:

This might not be a big one but it would be really cool if Apple could introduce a few more variants in the Watch Top department. We believe that beyond a point the rectangular head becomes quite boring to look at and there are many of who would love to see a circular or round dial and in various sizes. This would definitely add some freshness to the overall franchise.


Do you agree with our list? Make sure to add what you feel in the comment section below.



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