Reports Suggest A Major Redesign For Apple iPad for 2017-18


Apple is planning to completely overhaul the entire Apple iPad lineup by 2017 and a major redesign plan for 2018 which may sport a flexible display. Rumors also have it that Apple will launch not one but three new variants of their iPad. The information comes straight from the much reliable and extremely efficient Apple analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo of KGI securities. Apple has not confirmed on any of this but the source of the information is known to be extremely reliable.

Considering his earlier prediction for the iPad, Ming-Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities also added that Apple is planning to launch the iPad in three new variant of both size and features. It is reported that the Apple iPad will come in a 12.9-inch screen size featuring a monster A10X TSMC processer, a 10.5-inch iPad with the same processor and a 9.7-inch featuring a mildly toned down A9X TSMC processor. It is also speculated that there will be no major redesign to the Apple iPad and that Apple is saving it for something big for 2018.

Going a step ahead to 2018, Ming-Chi-Kuo commented that Apple is planning to have some major redesigns for the Apple iPad. The new Apple iPad will feature a flexible AMOLED display that would definitely enhance user interface offering better user experience that would compliment the hardware.


Nothing is known for certain as Apple has not commented on any of this news yet but then again Apple is known for keeping things in the dark unless anything has been finalized. There have also been some reports and rumors concerning the Apple iPhone 8 but it would be too early to mention any as we are still expecting Apple iPhone 7 to be released which would most likely be in early September this year.

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