Can You Make The Plane Land In Planes Control For Android & iOS?


Planes Control is a casual/strategy game that has been developed by Rarepixels. The game is all about controlling the planes and making sure they land safely. It’s much more tougher than you think. The controls are fairly simple, it does get tricky when you have to manage multiple planes and the player is expected to re-route planes to best fit their strategy. The game also offers a global leader-board which can be synced in with the players iTunes or Google Play profile. 

Content and Features:

Planes Control offers what might seem too casual but is rather complex gameplay. The game has about 12 levels to play for now and each level is slightly more challenging than the last. The gameplay is fairly simple with the player drawing out a route for the planes to land on the runway. There are more than 40 different kinds of planes that the player can interact with. The game also offers unique challenges like storms and tornado’s to add to the difficulty of the game. Planes Control is not only a game where you have to land these planes but can also be used in combat to protect other planes.


Display and Appearance:

Planes Control by Rarepixels offers some very decent graphics. The game offers a birds eye view over the action and it makes perfect sense while you have to control multiple planes and make sure they land safely. It does require a little getting used to as the player would generally expect the planes to fly over objects but does end up crashing. The user-interface has been beautifully designed and the game uses some really vibrant colors to make it look really nice. The background music is also quite interesting and adds to the overall experience of the game. Planes Control also utilizes the battery of the device appropriately, giving players maximum time to enjoy the game.


The Verdict:

Planes Control, overall is great game and a really good way to kill some time. The gameplay does seem simple and easy but gets challenging as the game progresses. The graphics are pretty decent and the game does not heat up the phone as much. The global leader-board is a great way to compete and keep track of friends as well. Planes Control offers great music and also utilizes the battery pretty well and doesn’t drain your charge.  The difficulty and the challenges add to the game’s complexity and makes it more interesting as the player progresses.


TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.8/5

The game is free to download on:



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