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We all know how exhausting your average Monday nights can be. After a long day of work, finally people have something fun to come home to. The game that is Monday Night Monsters Football puts player in the shoes of some of the finest monsters a football field has ever seen. We at TheAppleGoogle got an opportunity to speak with the people behind this awesome concept and game. Here is what they had to say-

What were your thoughts while coming up with a game like Monday Night Monsters?

Monday Night Monsters was part of a game jam entry. We were supposed to build a simple and yet addictive game in a very short time. We came up with Monday Night Monsters based on the show Monday Night Football. Since we can’t possibly create a full Football game in such a limited time, we simplify its concept and add in our own flavor and hence, Monday Night Monsters.

What makes Monday Night Monsters a completely different game from others?

I would say, the mechanic of Monday Night Monsters is different from any other game. However, if I have to isolate one feature that makes the game most unique would be the control. Monday Night Monsters uses a hybrid of turn-based and real time control. Players can strategize and issue commands to the players when the game is paused and watch the plan unfolds when it goes live.


How was the response of your team when you were planning to develop a game like Read?

The decision to develop Monday Night Monsters was a team effort, therefore, everybody was on board when the final design was approved.

What challenges did you face during its development?

Time was the challenge since it was in a game jam. We need to develop something fun and yet functional within such a period of time. Furthermore, the new hybrid control was also a major challenge for us in completing the project on time.

Developing a game like Monday Night Monsters must have involved a lot of research. Who did you look up to when you needed help?

Google is our best friend 😉


Have you developed any Apps for Android platforms? If not, do you plan to do so?

Yes we have, and in fact, Monday Night Monsters is also available on Android.

Any future Apps that you are currently working? Can you share its details?

Yes, we are also looking to port our most successful game so far, Rising Warriors into Android. However, we do not have any firm date on its release as we are still focusing on making the game stable while adding more features to it.

Lastly, what advice would like to give to upcoming developers?

Dreams do come through 🙂

Our readers can download game for $0.99 for iOS from here.

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