The Little Mermaid – A Magical Way To Read A Book

TAG1Augmented Reality in books is a wonderful way to make kids read a book, but most of them have always been kind of “gimmicky”. Books & Magic have found a way to develop AR in books to make them playable in a way that appeals to the mass consumer market. Books & Magic has released an innovative App+book that combines and unfolds a 3D game universe inside the book which is a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale: The Little Mermaid – A Magical Augmented Reality Book. The Little Mermaid is a brand new children’s book genre that merges digital gaming and linear storytelling from a physical book.

Content And features: 

The Little Mermaid in a new and magical way. Watch the beautiful illustrations come to life right in front of you, as your mobile device becomes a window into the universe of the book. Go explore from any angle or distance and unlock hidden surprises! The magical illustrations can be found within the App to be displayed on a separate device while the game is played on another. For an optimal experience, try using the App with our physical book. One can also use a device like a tablet in place of the physical book. There are many features in The Little Mermaid that you can explore from any angle, play games and interact with the universe with rich detailed environment that is full of life. Using the latest augmented reality technology, the App brings the story to life.

Display And Appearance: 
The magic edition of this classic Hans Christian Andersen tale combines traditional physical books with a digital App to deliver an experience your kids will love. Instead of planting them in front of a TV or video give them the magic edition – and activate your children’s imagination. Looking at the physical book through the App, children travel through the story. And they interact with and explore a rich and inspiring world of activity hidden all around what otherwise might be challenging texts. A 3D animation pops out of the book when you explore the book through the lens of your smartphone or tablet. It looks very beautiful and mesmerizing.
The Verdict: 
‘The Little Mermaid’ can be genre defining like some people feel comic books defined their youth, the next generation might feel the same towards AR-books. The production quality is extremely high, and it is brilliant to use Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, and thinking globally from the beginning. This App is helping kids to love reading as a noble cause, and the deeply innovative in combining game mechanics with a linear story telling in a book. It is the most incredible thing I have came across yet. The requirements to run the App is iOS version 7, iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 4
TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.9/5
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The Little Mermaid can either be bought as a book at (global shipping), but also through the iOS and Android App that works without the book if you do in-App purchases.
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