Google To Unveil Android VR At The I/O Developers Conference


Google will be unveiling their latest VR Headset dubbed “Android VR” at their I/O Developers conference next week. Unlike the Google Cardboard, Android VR headset won’t require a smartphone or a powerful PC to function. Android Police spotted a placeholder in Google Play’s developer console suggesting the confirmation for the Virtual Reality headset and suggesting an unveil soon. The Android VR will be a standalone Virtual Reality Headset which will be unveiled on the Google I/O Developers conference next week. According to a tweet by Engadgets co-founder and now an entrepreneur at investment firm Betaworks, Peter Rojas tweeted saying “Android VR will be announced next week” he also added “the device will be a “standalone” headset that doesn’t require a phone, and will obviously be less powerful than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift models that are tethered to a PC.”


Considering that the Google Cardboard was the first step in Virtual Reality for the tech giants but required a smartphone at all times, the Android VR will be a big step forward as it divulges in full fledged VR and doesn’t require a smartphone at all times. Some articles on the internet do suggest that it will be linked to Apps straightaway and will add to the user experience from the Play Store itself.

A few days ago Android Police had noticed a placeholder for the Android VR in the Google Play Store’s developer console suggesting that the headset will be somehow in sync with the Play Store and will add to the App’s experience from there itself. The report also suggested that we may see the unveil of the headset in the near future until Peter Rojas confirmed of the same.

However this progresses, we at TheAppleGoogle will always keep our readers updated with the latest news on the Android VR headset.

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