Apple Hard At Work – Updates Apple Music


According to a article on Bloomberg News, Apple Inc is planning a complete makeover for Apple Music to make it ” more intuitive” for it’s users. The article also suggested that the new Apple Music would have better integration and optimization in terms of streaming and downloading music and they would also be completely overhauling and expanding their Radio Service. It is also rumored that Apple will unveil this update at the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June this year.Despite criticism, Apple Music has close to about 13 million subscribers and most of them have had complaints regarding its confusing interface and lack of features. Since its release which was nearly a year ago, Apple Music has not seen any prominent feature updates but a lot of bug fixes which were again critical. According to users, Apple primarily focused on bug fixes instead of any major improvements to the service.

Apple also faced a lot of criticism from prominent artists like Taylor Swift and many more regarding their policy on paying royalty fees during the Apps free trial period, resulting in a change of policy from Apple. According to a report, Bloomberg suggested that Apple will be launching a marketing campaign with Taylor Swift for the new and updated Apple Music App.


Bloomberg’s report also suggests of internal clashes over Apple Music. After Apple acquired Beats Music two years ago, Beats executive Jimmy Iovine has reportedly fueled some friction inside Apple. Despite having a complex management structure of Apple Music, Lovine reportedly helped Taylor Swift and Apple come to an agreement and also secured Drake’s new music album as an exclusive.

Some might say that Apple may have waited a long time before updating the App, but we here, at TheAppleGoogle feel that WWDC would be the perfect time to unveil the new product. As always we would keep our readers updated on further development.


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