The Apple Watch 2 – Faster Processor And Cellular Connectivity


According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the Apple Watch may see an upgrade this year in the form of a faster processor and cellular connectivity. This news isn’t much of surprise as most of Apple’s competitors have already integrated these features with their wearable tech, so it’s no surprise that Apple want’s a piece of that pie.Apple, which has not yet confirmed a fixed release date for their new Apple Watch has been reportedly working hard to add these features in this years edition of their wearable smartphone. The only complain Apple Watch users had was that it required an iPhone to be around the watch at all times. Competitors like Samsung and LG have already integrated the cellular connectivity feature to their smart watches that allow the user to have 3G/4G coverage which in turn allows them to leave their phones behind and yet enjoy the smart watch as an individual gadget. For Apple, that was not the case. The Watch demanded an iPhone to be within range for proper functionality.

The Apple Watch, apart from cellular connectivity also had a few more shortcomings in the form of low battery life and a slow processor, both rumored to be upgraded in the next generation. Most Apple Watch user were not satisfied by the level of individuality of the device and complained that the device did not meet the benchmarks that of an Apple product.


Despite of all the known issues the Apple Watch did not fail to turn heads upon it’s release. According to reports by analysts all over, Apple sold around 12 million units of the Apple Watch in the first year. That number is nearly the double of the original iPhone launched in 2007. The Apple Watch, going at approx $500 a piece outranked leading wearable tech makers in terms of revenue. This may lead us to believe that Apple would be more than excited to incorporate these changes in the next generation of the Watch.

Apple has yet to confirm on these and announce a release date for the new Apple Watch 2. We, at TheAppleGoogle will keep our readers updated about the same.

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