Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – New Leaks And Rumors


In a recent leak by GSM Helpdesk, it has been revealed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be having some major changes with regards to both design and hardware. According to them, the Note 6 will have a better and bigger display, more RAM and a bigger battery. Keeping in mind that the Samsung Note 5 failed to have a global release and did not appeal to the general market because of its inability to expand memory storage or a non-removable battery. Here is what the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 has to offer:Battery:

Battery life is the first thing that a potential customers look for. They always have this one question in mind and that is ” Sure I can play games on this one, but for how long?” So far it is known that the Note 6 will also be having a non-removable battery but the good news is that instead of the regular 3000 mAh battery, Samsung is planning to beef this puppy up with a 4000 mAh battery. If nothing else, it should make this one of the longest lasting phones around.


Now, this is one of the key features of a phone. A lot of potential customers get confused that the amount of RAM determines how fast a phone can run. Technically, that not entirely true. The amount of RAM actually determines the number of Apps and processes that can run simultaneously on your device without compromising on other functionalities. The Galaxy Note 6 would be having about 6 GB of RAM which is possibly the highest in this generation of phones. Now that’s a lot of Apps running in the background.



Here, Samsung is planning two major changes with the display panel of the Galaxy Note 6. Firstly, they are increasing the size of the device by a whooping 0.1-inch. Taking it from 5.7-inch phone to a 5.8-inch. That might not look too appealing but what is really happening is that Samsung is also reducing the thickness of the phone. Secondly, Samsung is also planning to incorporate their “Edge” display system as seen in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 into the Galaxy Note 6. This would make things slightly interesting for the potential customers as it would give some choice to them regarding the Note 6.

Keeping in mind that these are just leaks and rumors for now and we are waiting for any sorts of confirmation from Samsung regarding the same. Samsung would need to make these kind of upgrades if they wish to compete with the upcoming Apple iPhone 7.


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